Fire Escape System

The TargeTM Nozzle is a dual-flow, high-volume, heat-suppressing nozzle, which provides a cost-effective and efficient method for protecting installations and personnel from heat radiation. The Targe  nozzle makes use of atomization technology for enhanced heat attenuation. Single-entry, dual-exit nozzle design creates a cup of coarse water spray and a fog of fine water droplets. The primary discharge forms a strong conical spray maintaining structural integrity in high adverse wind conditions and preventing penetration of solid particles. The secondary discharge water droplets absorb radiated heat, resulting in a cool, breathable, high visibility environment behind the nozzle discharge.


  • Well Test Flare Cooling
  • Escape Route Protection
  • Lifeboat/Muster and Hazardous Area Protection
  • Smoke/Gas Scrubbing (exhausts / flare stacks etc.)
  • Wellhead Fire Protection


  • Can reduce heat radiation by up to 90%
  • Preserves installation integrity
  • Reduced repair and standby costs
  • Personnel safety
  • Proven heat attenuation water wall and fog barrier
  • Absorb and attenuate radiated heat flux from up to 40Kw/m² down to below 3Kw/m²
  • Geometrically stable discharge in wind speeds up to 12m/sec
  • Dual atomisation laminar flow
  • Supply from Installation pumps or OPTIMA Pumps