• Rig Cooling

    OPTIMA’s RigCooling® System suppresses heat radiation generated by hydrocarbon flaring during well test operations. Read more »

  • Fire Safety

    Using our patented Targe Heat Suppression Nozzles and our industry leading Flare SIM software, we can design cost effective solutions for protecting installations and personnel. Read more »

  • Pumping Solutions

    OPTIMA owns a fleet of purpose-built submersible and surface pumps that can be used for a variety of applications. In addition to our core business of rig cooling, these pumps are used for well intervention applications. Read more »

  • Sales and Rentals

    OPTIMA has multiple options for your rig cooling, pumping or deluge needs.  We can select the ideal package from our existing fleet, or we can engineer, design and fabricate a custom package to meet your needs. Read more »


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