Evo Targe Boom System

OPTIMA’s patented Evo Targe is a high volume 4” dual ow, heat-suppressing nozzle for offshore and onshore well testing and cleanup operations. The Evo TargeTM Nozzle Boom System produces a solid water wall and an atomized fog screen with a diameter of up to 80 ft.

This highly effective combination provides a cost-effective and efficient method for protecting installations and personnel. Operators can access better reservoir performance data, improve well bore cleanup, reduce repair and standby costs and preserve installation integrity.

The Evo Targe Nozzle can be used as a standalone solution for low to medium ow rates on semi-submersibles, jackups, platforms and drill ships. For higher rate flaring, it is used in conjunction with OPTIMA’s Rigside Cooling System.

A fully optimized Evo Targe Boom System has protective capabilities up to 10,000 bopd dependent on rig structure and boom length. The Evo Targe Boom System can be air freighted at short notice and installed by an experienced engineer within days.